Blumenthal: I Want My Children to Be Like Romney

Blumenthal: I Want My Children to Be Like Romney

February 7, 2020

Wednesday on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront, Sen. Richard Blumenthal said he would like his children to be like Republican Sen. Mitt Romney, whose speech announcing his vote to impeach President Trump brought Blumenthal to tears.

“I will tell you, there were tears in my eyes, and there are again hear him say those words,” Blumenthal told host Burnett after watching a clip of Romney’s speech. “But what I thought is, I would really like my four children to be like that. And I don’t think there’s any greater tribute to anyone and I will tell you also when I heard other colleagues — Senators Sinema, Manchin, and Jones, also vote in the right way — I was deeply impressed by them.

“As I stood and said the word ‘guilty’… I’ve never said that word about anyone, let alone the President of the United States, not to mention on the floor of the Senate. It was a moment that the full weight of my decision, conscience, and conviction, hit me as well.”

Since voting to convict, Romney has become an icon of moral courage for the left and the anti-Trump right.

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