Blumenthal: Barrett Will End ‘Common Sense’ Gun Control

Blumenthal: Barrett Will End ‘Common Sense’ Gun Control

October 13, 2020

During the Supreme Court confirmation hearing on Monday, Sen. Richard Blumenthal warned  that Judge Amy Coney Barrett would erase “common sense” gun controls if confirmed.

Blumenthal suggested that confirming Barrett would mean adding an “activist judge” to the Court, thus endangering “common-sense” gun control around the country. He suggested Barrett’s “activism uses originalism as smokescreen” to secure confirmation.

“Connecticut has been at the forefront on gun violence protection, on gun safety,” Blumenthal added, claiming Barrett would “imperil common sense” gun controls in Connecticut and in other states.

On September 26, 2o2o, Blumenthal published a letter to his Senate webpage making clear he had already decided to oppose Barrett’s confirmation and stressed that he will “refuse to meet with her.”

Typical leftist projection and hypocrisy. Barrett has already stated she does not believe judges should legislate from the bench. It is in fact Democrats who want activist judges. What they fear is a judge who will roll back or obstruct their own activism.

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