BLM Tells Students Blacks Are ‘Enslaved’ When They Go to Jail

BLM Tells Students Blacks Are ‘Enslaved’ When They Go to Jail

December 28, 2021

According to a video of a lecture obtained by The Daily Caller, activists from the Marxist revolutionary movement Black Lives Matter (BLM) gave a talk to over 150 students in the spring of 2020, telling them “crime is made up” and that black people are “enslaved” when they are sent to jail.

“Crime is made up,” four BLM activists — Jessica Louise, Kyra Jay Harvey, Michelle Anastasia, and Leah Derray — from the Indy10 Black Lives Matter told students. “People created these rules and people break them. It’s just that if you are black, brown, or poor, you are more likely to be jailed for these things, to be enslaved, imprisoned, for these things that a lot of people do.”

Yes, people create these “rules” called laws to protect life and property, and to punish those who break them. Without those “rules,” society is reduced to savagery and chaos. Punishment for lawbreaking is not the same as “slavery,” and whether you are black, brown, or white, if you don’t want to go to prison, the solution is simple: don’t break the law.

“I’ve really had to learn to retain my anger,” Derray said. “You know, when you really start to learn about white supremacy and capitalism and how it really harms black and brown people.”

White supremacy in America is almost nonexistent; it has absolutely zero political and cultural power here. And capitalism does not harm black and brown people; it gives them a way to liberate themselves from poverty and government dependence, but that dependence is exactly what the far left wants for them.

Anastasia also favorably cited the racist ideology Critical Race Theory (CRT) and communist radical Angela Davis in her part of the lecture, which itself was part of a so-called “Racial Justice Speaker Series” given to students at the K-8 Butler University Laboratory School. The fact that radical ideologues from a black supremacist revolutionary organization are allowed to spread their hateful demagoguery to grade school kids is shameful and unconscionable.

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