BLM Suspends Fundraising After CA AG Notes Missing Reports

BLM Suspends Fundraising After CA AG Notes Missing Reports

February 4, 2022

The Washington Examiner reported Wednesday that the communist revolutionaries of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization suspended their online fundraising after being warned by the California Attorney General that it faced revocation of its charitable status for failing to file required annual reports.

The finances of the organization have been under scrutiny since last year, when co-founding grifter and race hustler Patrisse Cullors purchased four homes. She resigned, but there remained about $60 million in donations that BLM collected by the end of 2020 for which no one at the organization seemed accountable.

California’s Attorney General, Rob Bonta, appointed in 2021 to replace far-left Xavier Becerra, is one of the most radical members of the state legislature, so the fact that he is cracking down on BLM’s finances suggests the problems are too serious even for leftists to ignore.

“It appears that the house of cards may be falling, and this happens eventually with nearly every scam, scheme, or illegal enterprise,” said Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, a Republican, in an interview with the Examiner. “I see patterns that scams kind of universally take: failure to provide board members, failure to provide even executive directors, failure to make your filings available. It all leads to suspicion.”

The organization is also failing to comply with regulations in seven other states. A suspicious pattern, indeed. Maybe the self-proclaimed “trained Marxists” who created the movement to exploit and exacerbate racial tensions in America, enriching themselves in the process, have formed an organization that isn’t entirely trustworthy.

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