BLM Supporter Screams ‘Trump’s a D*ck’ Outside NY Courthouse

BLM Supporter Screams ‘Trump’s a D*ck’ Outside NY Courthouse

April 4, 2023

Outside the Manhattan courthouse where former President Trump’s arraignment is taking place Tuesday, anti-Trump activists clashed with Trump supporters.

The event has attracted a large crowd of demonstrators on both sides of the aisle ahead of Trump’s arraignment. One video shows a woman wearing Black Lives Matter (BLM) patches shouting down a man who claims to be one of the former president’s number-one fans.

“It’s a hoax. It’s a phony. Remember that. I am one of Donald Trump’s number one fans,” the man said as he spun a ball on the top of an American flag.

“Trump’s a dick!” a woman shouted repeatedly at the man as she waved a flag. “Fuck Trump!” she continued, smiling.

Another video shows a woman covered in white paint, asserting that “all white people are f*cking racist.” When asked why she was trying to instigate violence, she replied, “Because I’m black and I like violence. I’m an animal. I’m a black animal! Let’s kill all white people! Yeah, baby!”

In another video, an unidentified member of the press lashed out at a bystander with a warning: “Don’t fuck with me. Don’t ever fuck with me. All right?”

“I will kill your motherfucking…” the unidentified press member continued to yell after releasing his hold on the individual.

A female voice in the crowd shouted out and condemned the aggressive behavior, “We don’t want your kind in here,” she said.

“Oh, yeah. Bring your racist — I’m the one for you,” the press member said while being held back.

In another video, a woman wearing a red MAGA hat stepped on a banner reading “Trump Lies All the Time,” grabbing it as a skirmish followed.

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