BLM Issues List of 7 Demands Regarding Police, Trump, GOP

BLM Issues List of 7 Demands Regarding Police, Trump, GOP

May 5, 2021

In an article published on the BLM website, the domestic terrorists of the racist Black Lives Matter movement issued a list of demands to the government, mostly directed at former President Trump and the police (predictably).

The first demand called for Trump to be “immediately convicted in the United States Senate” and be “banned from holding elected office in the future.”

Second: expel more than half of Republicans from Congress “for their dangerous and traitorous actions” and bar them from seeking another office.

Third: investigate Capitol police, law enforcement, and the military for possible ties to white supremacist organizations.

Fourth: permanently ban Trump from all digital media platforms.

Fifth: defund the police.

Sixth: lawmakers must not allow the Jan. 6 demonstration at the U.S. Capitol to be used to stifle other protests.

Seventh: more federal oversight over local law enforcement.

All of these demands reflect the power-hungry, totalitarian, Marxist nature of the race hustlers at BLM. A sane administration would give this entire list zero consideration, but the ideologically sympathetic Biden administration will, no doubt, not only consider the demands but strive to implement them.

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