BLM Grifter Cullors Preps Warner Bros. Projects on Reparations

BLM Grifter Cullors Preps Warner Bros. Projects on Reparations

February 2, 2022

The Hollywood Reporter reports that former Black Lives Matter (BLM) grifter Patrisse Cullors is working with Warner Bros. on television projects advocating for racialized reparations.

Cullors, who identifies as a “trained Marxist,” resigned from BLM in May of last year after being slammed for her hypocrisy in becoming a multi-millionaire with multiple homes while claiming to represent minorities “oppressed” by purported systemic racism.

Now, Cullors has released a book titled, An Abolitionist’s Handbook: 12 Steps to Changing Yourself and the World. In addition, she is working on several documentary projects for Warners TV, one of which argues that land must be returned to indigenous peoples as a form of racial reparations.

“My art practice and political practice are extensions of my abolitionist views,” Cullors stated. “Any project I’m working on, whether it’s art or writing, all my work now with Warner Brothers — what I have framed it as is ‘abolitionist aesthetics.’ The way that white supremacy, the way that the prison system and the police system has aestheticized itself, I want to aestheticize abolition.”

But mostly what this race hustler wants to do is continue to enrich herself by exploiting the manufactured racial division in America to which she has contributed so significantly.

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