BLM Founder Abdullah: Trump is the ‘Terrorist-in-Chief’

BLM Founder Abdullah: Trump is the ‘Terrorist-in-Chief’

July 3, 2020

Wednesday on CNN’s Newsroom, Black Lives Matter founding member Melina Abdullah called President Trump the “embodiment of white supremacist terrorism” and the “terrorist-in-chief.”

“I think it’s the height of hypocrisy for Donald Trump to call anything a symbol of hate,” Abdullah claimed. “He is the embodiment of hate, and for him to say that affirming the value of black life is somehow hate, again, reminds us of who he is.”

“Trump is the embodiment of white supremacist terrorism…” she blathered. “So it’s really important to understand what Donald Trump has done to this country, and where he’s chosen to align himself. So for him, again, to call anything hate is really the height of hypocrisy, and, you know, we need as a country to be willing to point to him and say that he is actually the terrorist-in-chief.”

The real threat to this country is not white supremacy but Abdullah’s and Black Lives Matter’s violent, Marxist, black supremacy.

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