BLM Crashes Children’s Christmas Charity Event in WI

BLM Crashes Children’s Christmas Charity Event in WI

December 22, 2020

Members of a local Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization marched through a Candy Cane Lane charity event in West Allis, Wisconsin, on Friday night, harassing people along the Christmas-decorated street. The residents of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, suburb decorate every year to raise money for a childhood cancer center.

You read that correctly: The People’s Revolution, a BLM affiliate, organized a march to disrupt a children’s cancer fundraiser. The group marched down Candy Cane Lane, shouting “They know who we are, TPR!”

According to a social media post from one of the residents of the street, “So my son and I were playing in the living room and we heard very loud music and people chanting from the outside. We open up the front door to see what all the commotion was about. It was a ‘Black Lives Matter’ march going up and down my block and through candy cane lane. These people saw my ‘Back the Badge’ sign and ‘Trump 2020’ sign and began to shout at us. They began to give us the middle finger and shouted, ‘F-CK YOU F-CK THE POLICE F-CK TRUMP!’ Uhm really? I am holding my ONE year old son in my arms. Glad to see how ‘peaceful’ and ‘respectful’ these people and protests really are lol. What a bunch of pieces of sh-t.”

The marchers shouted, “Black Children’s Lives Matter” and “No Justice, No Peace” at visitors who were stranded in their cars. “Giving the gifts of our demands for Black and Brown lives, yet many around us would spread them lies. Santa has his list, the naughty and the nice, will our houses get skipped these following nights?”

Talk radio host Dan O’Donnell later tweeted, “Black Lives Matter goons are currently at Candy Cane Lane in the Milwaukee area and are terrorizing people who have come to look at the lights in a child cancer fundraiser. Yes, Black Lives Matter goons are actually terrorizing a child cancer fundraiser.” Then he added, “It’s okay, the Black Lives Matter goons plan to make a donation to child cancer to make up for the money the charity will lose tonight. Just kidding! They’re terrible people.

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