BLM Co-Founder Partners With Communist China Group

BLM Co-Founder Partners With Communist China Group

September 22, 2020

A venture of Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza that serves as a political lobbying arm for the movement is funded by a surrogate of the Chinese Communist Party called the Chinese Progressive Association, according to WND.

The BLM lobbying arm Black Futures Lab was founded in September 2018 “to engage advocacy organizations and legislators to advance local-, state- and federal-level policies that make Black communities stronger” and “craft strategies that harness Black political power to bring those policies to fruition.” Donations to Black Futures Lab go directly to the Chinese Progressive Association, which has been a promoter of the “revolutionary thought” of the Chinese communist regime since its founding in San Francisco in 1972.

Garza and her co-founders, all self-described “trained Marxists,” have made it clear that they share the Chinese Progressive Association’s goal of world communism.

Garza has declared that BLM cannot succeed unless capitalism, which she claims causes “more misery” than any other “force” in the world, is “abolished.” She told a gathering of Maine progressives last year “we all have work to do to keep dismantling the organizing principle of this society, which creates inequities for everyone.”
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