BLM Board Chair Filed for Ch. 7 Bankruptcy on Three Occasions

BLM Board Chair Filed for Ch. 7 Bankruptcy on Three Occasions

June 6, 2022

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation’s (BLMGNF) recently-appointed board chair, Cicely Gay, filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on three separate occasions, according to the New York Post.

Gay, appointed to the board of directors on April 27, filed for bankruptcy in 2005, 2013, and 2016. On that last occasion she was mired in $120,000 of debt, mostly student loans ($55,000) and an $18,000 car lease.

The BLMGFN board chair completed a court-ordered fiscal responsibility class before “most of her debts ‘discharged’ in 2017,” the Post wrote. In a statement, Gay wrote, in part:

In addition to engaging in a thorough vetting process, the Foundation recognized that I not only bring 20 years of extensive professional non-profit experience to the board, but I also bring personal experiences that mirror those of the people we are trying to serve. That is the work of the foundation — to break down systemic barriers to living full lives by providing the insights, tools and supports necessary for Black people to thrive.”

The foundation stated at the time of her appointment that Gay had two decades worth of “nonprofit and philanthropic experience” under her belt. And nearly as many years of bankruptcy experience, too.

Considering the controversies over “trained Marxist” co-founder Patrisse Cullors‘ multiple homes and other revelations of money “mishandling” at BLM, its leaders do indeed seem to be “thriving,” as Gay put it.

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