BLM Blocks DC Freeway for ‘Black Education’ Demonstration

BLM Blocks DC Freeway for ‘Black Education’ Demonstration

October 27, 2020

Black Lives Matter (BLM) agitators, including protesters from two D.C. leftist organizations, blocked rush hour traffic on a major freeway in Washington D.C. for a “Black education” demonstration, according to Breitbart News.

Members of OccupyDC and FreedomFightersDC teamed up to shut down Interstate 395 during rush hour, chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets” and “Whose highway? Our highway.” Actually, the streets belong to all taxpayers, and BLM has no right to obstruct traffic and keep people from getting to and from work. But BLM isn’t actually interested in spreading awareness so much as creating bullying displays of power.

“Right now @occupydc202 and @FFDC2020 Are occupying highway 395 to spread awareness of our demands as traffic is at a halt they are doing this for black education,” an observer noted on Twitter. The FreedomFightersDC group tweeted an invitation for protest, claiming, “Education is Liberation.”

The handful of protesters eventually moved off the freeway to 16th NW near the White House. One commuter later expressed his frustration on Twitter: “see they’re doing this for black education! That makes this okay, right??? Something tells me they don’t care about that and instead just like the free pass it gives them for being superspreaders of assholery.” Fact check: true.

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