BLM Activists Accuse Girls of ‘White Privilege’ at Cheerleading Competition

BLM Activists Accuse Girls of ‘White Privilege’ at Cheerleading Competition

March 9, 2021

At a cheerleading competition in Louisville on Saturday, Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists harassed a group of teenage girls trying to enter, accusing them of having “white privilege.”

The protesters hurled chants and profanities at the young girls as they entered the convention center; others held signs to taunt the children for their “racism.” Some of the activists even yelled through bullhorns in the faces of the kids.

“The reason why you get to be here in these pretty little gorgeous outfits and your gorgeous hair and your gorgeous bows is because of your white privilege,” activist Carmen M. Jones yelled. “Breonna [Taylor] is dead. Black mothers are burying their babies while white mothers send their daughters to cheer competitions.”

In another video, Jones is heard screaming at police officers: “We are not afraid of you! We are not intimidated by you!” She also yelled, “they don’t give a f*** about y’all!” One of the protester’s signs read, “F*** the police.”

One father of a cheerleading event participant said the harassment scared his children. He told local news that the BLM activists were “badgering them all the way in the door” and added that his daughter “cried for about an hour” after the encounter.

“Breonna Taylor will never be able to have a child to be able to take to a cheer competition,” BLM’s Jones told the reporters. “If black kids are children enough, and child enough, and mature enough to go through the things that we go through as children, then their children are children enough, child enough. and mature enough to learn about their privilege.”

It’s hard to fathom this degree of racial hate spewed regularly by BLM protesters at innocent people, even children. But then, the Communist revolutionaries at BLM are racial agitators who are not seeking justice but the overthrow of the existing political, social, and cultural order. True justice isn’t on the agenda.

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