Blinken: We Don’t Know How Many Americans Are Stranded

Blinken: We Don’t Know How Many Americans Are Stranded

August 27, 2021

Worthless Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters on Wednesday that the Biden administration remains clueless about the exact number of Americans seeking to leave Afghanistan or of those who have been evacuated.

“These are dynamic calculations that we are working hour by hour to refine for accuracy,” he blathered. “The specific estimated number of Americans who are in Afghanistan and want to leave can go up … and it could go down.”

That’s reassuring. He acknowledged that the number of Americans evacuated “is also a dynamic one. That’s because in this critical stretch we’re focused on getting Americans and their families on planes out of Afghanistan as quickly as possible and then processing the total numbers when they’re safely out of the country. We also verify the numbers to make sure we’re not inadvertently overcounting or undercounting.

He then went on to blame many Americans in Afghanistan for ignoring travel advisories. “Given the security situation in Afghanistan, for many years, we have urged Americans not to travel there. We’ve repeatedly asked Americans who are in Afghanistan to enroll, and since March of this year, we’ve sent 19 separate messages to Americans enrolled with the embassy in Kabul encouraging and then urging them to leave the country.”

This administration is unconscionably, lethally inept.

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