Black Homeschooling Group: ‘We Stand Firm Against Critical Race Theory’

Black Homeschooling Group: ‘We Stand Firm Against Critical Race Theory’

September 14, 2021

The program director of a national organization of black homeschooling families condemned the premise of Critical Race Theory (CRT), correctly asserting that school systems promoting it are using black families “to move their agenda forward,” according to Breitbart News.

“Critical Race Theory, or CRT, teaches us against them,” said Joy Burges, author of Teach Me How To Teach My Child and co-founder (with her husband), of National Black Home Educators (NBHE). “It teaches blacks against whites, it teaches that whites are superior and it teaches that black students are oppressed. That’s not what black parents want to teach their children.”

NBHE’s motto is “Empowering Parents to Educate Children for Excellence,” a slogan that is a far cry from what Burges sees in CRT.

“We don’t want our children to go to school and learn that, because of white supremacy, or white privilege – that’s why you can’t achieve,” she explained to Breitbart News. “We do not agree with this. My concern is that parents understand that, and know, that our parents at National Black Home Educators, stand firm against this.”

“We will not allow a system to teach our children that the reason they cannot achieve is because somebody has a hammer over their head,” Burges asserted. “And, now, we totally stand against CRT, we do not agree with that and we do not teach our children that. I believe that they’re using the black curriculum to move their agenda forward with CRT. Yes, yes, they’re using the black agenda, and black families, to promote that agenda, but our black families stand firm against it.”

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