Black Dad Blasts Boudin Over Slap on the Wrist for Son’s Killer

Black Dad Blasts Boudin Over Slap on the Wrist for Son’s Killer

December 24, 2021

Fox News reports that the father of slain 6-year-old Jace Young blasted radical San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin and the city’s “broken” criminal justice system as his son’s convicted killer could serve less time in prison than the life of the boy he shot to death.

Jace Young was struck by gunfire on July 4, 2020, in San Francisco’s Bayview District as neighbors were outside for a fireworks show. He was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. Investigators quickly identified two of the assumed four gunmen, then-17-year-old Deshaune Lumpkin and 18-year-old James Harbor. But months would pass before Harbor was arrested on Jan. 6, and more time would go by before Lumpkin was apprehended on Aug.11 – over a year after Young was killed.

The slain boy’s father, Jason Young, said the guilty verdict was no victory and has left his family “devastated” because Lumpkin was tried as a juvenile — thanks to Boudin’s campaign promise never to try an offender under the age of 18 as an adult, no matter how heinous the offense.

Thus, Lumpkin can be held for a maximum of only eight years until his 25th birthday. And despite the shooters being only months apart in age, Harbor, now 19, was tried as an adult and is potentially facing 50 years to life for Young’s death.

“I am so angry with Chesa Boudin right now. He makes San Francisco’s criminal justice system a complete joke,” Jason Young said. “The killer of my 6-year-old son will likely serve less time than the age of my son because of Chesa’s campaign promise. Boudin’s campaign promises do not protect San Franciscans and ensure justice – they only allow criminals, and in this case, murderers, to return to the community.”

Radical leftists like Boudin believe the real victims of crime are the criminals themselves — victims of America’s purported “systemic racism” — even when the actual victims of violent crime are non-white. The inane policies of Boudin and his progressive ilk inevitably and invariably victimize real victims like Jace Young and his family a second time, while letting violent offenders off the hook out of some perverse, Marxist sense of “social justice.”

The left’s agenda of “criminal justice reform” is itself criminal.

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