Black Commentator Rips Michelle O on ‘White Flight’

Black Commentator Rips Michelle O on ‘White Flight’

November 5, 2019

Appearing on Fox Nation’s Reality Check with David Webb, black conservative commentator Gianno Caldwell slammed former First Lady Michelle Obama for her recent claim that “white folks” fled Chicago neighborhoods in the 1970s because black families were moving into them.

“I wonder if she has any facts to support her conclusion, that simply because they were there, that white Americans were leaving the community because they didn’t like what their family represented,” Caldwell said.

“I don’t know of any facts to support their narrative whatsoever. And I think to make a statement like that without a message about uniting us… and you’re looking to divide us based on race, is problematic,” Caldwell added.

“Economic flight is what drives it,” added host David Webb. “If a black man could afford to leave a bad neighborhood or a black woman could afford to leave a bad neighborhood, they do that. We see this all across America, but here we see the race-baiting game.”

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