Billionaire Steyer: Trump ‘Has Met Grounds For Impeachment’

Billionaire Steyer: Trump ‘Has Met Grounds For Impeachment’

November 26, 2018

Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, billionaire activist Tom Steyer said President Trump had already “met the grounds for impeachment.”

When host Chuck Todd asked Steyer how he would “prioritize impeachment right now for the new Democratic House,” Steyer responded, “I think it’s an absolute first step to getting towards a positive vision for the country. And let me say this…

“I think there’s no question that this president has both met the grounds for impeachment and that it’s urgent to get him out of office and everything,” Steyer continued. “I was just listening to the last segment when you were talking about Saudi Arabia. Is there anybody in the United States who can tell you that the president is acting on Saudi Arabia not because the Saudis are paying him money?”

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