Bill Maher: We Must Impeach ‘Traitor’ Trump

Bill Maher: We Must Impeach ‘Traitor’ Trump

January 16, 2019

Tuesday on MSNBC’s Hardball, comedian Bill Maher said that we should go forward with the impeachment of “traitor” President Trump.

“I’ve been using the word treason and traitor for the whole time he’s been in office and every guest I had on the show has been saying I was an alarmist and overstating the case,” Maher said. ”

“I don’t know how we get out of this except getting him out of office. I wasn’t necessarily for impeachment until recently but I think you have to go ahead and do it. I know it’s pretty hard to convict. If you don’t do it with him, where is the bar? And what sort of damage is he going to do for the next two years he is there in this office?” Maher added.

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