Biden’s Economic Approval Lowest of Last Three Presidents

Biden’s Economic Approval Lowest of Last Three Presidents

January 5, 2022

A Rasmussen poll reports that a full 55 percent rate puppet President Joe Biden‘s handling of the economy as “poor.” That is lower than our two most recent former presidents — Donald Trump and Barack Obama — polled at any time during their respective presidencies.

Biden also hit a three-president low in his handling of national security issues. Fifty percent of those polled rate him as “poor” on that as well. In fact, his economic and national security ratings are worse than the lowest ratings of either of his two immediate predecessors

On the economy, another 11 percent of Americans rate Biden as “fair.” Only 18 percent rate him as “excellent” and only 14 percent as “good.”

On national security, 62 percent rate Biden as “poor” (50 percent) or “fair” (12 percent), while only 34 percent rate the hapless Biden as “excellent” (17 percent) or “good” (17 percent).

If you add up the “fair” and “poor” column with Independent voters, on the economy, Biden sits at 74 percent disapproval. On national security, his disapproval rating is 71 percent.

On the economy, Biden is floundering even with black voters. A plurality of 47 percent of black Americans rate his handling of the economy as “poor” (31 percent) to “fair” (16 percent), while only 46 percent rate him as “excellent (29 percent) to “good” (17 percent).

Worst. President. Ever. And even those who theoretically should be solidly in his camp know it.

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