Biden: U.S. Ready for ‘Systemic’ and ‘Institutional’ Changes

Biden: U.S. Ready for ‘Systemic’ and ‘Institutional’ Changes

July 14, 2020

Cognitively-challenged presidential candidate Joe Biden told a group of reporters via Zoom on Monday that America is ready for the “systemic,” “institutional” changes he will implement if he wins the election.

The Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin reported that Biden said during the call, “I think we have an enormous opportunity to make some really systemic changes relates to racism but institutional ways in which we handle things And I think the country is really ready.”

Rubin added that Biden is trying to present a more moderate persona to voters, but realizes that he “must win and win big so as to throw fear into Republicans and claim he has a mandate” for the fundamental “transformation” of the United States, a word he has used frequently during his campaign.

Biden is no moderate, and in any case, if he secures the nomination, and if he wins in November, he will be a mere puppet anyway for more forceful personalities and more radical elements in the White House, who will remake America according to the far-left agenda.

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