Biden: Trump Lacks ‘Intestinal Fortitude’ For Gun Control

Biden: Trump Lacks ‘Intestinal Fortitude’ For Gun Control

September 2, 2019

Monday on MSNBC, in the wake of a mass shooting in Texas over the weekend, Democrat presidential contender Joe Biden declared that President Trump simply does not have the “intestinal fortitude” to deal with the issue of gun control.

“Having assault weapons on the street and magazines carrying multiple bullets is irrational,” Biden said. “There is no need for it and your Second Amendment rights are in no way violated.”

“Assault weapons” is a meaningless term but politically useful for gun confiscators like Biden. And “magazines carrying multiple bullets” describes literally every semi-automatic weapon, so for Biden to claim that Americans have no need for them suggests that, as President, he would restrict or even ban them. His claim that this “in no way” violates the 2nd Amendment is laughable.

“The president has no intestinal fortitude to deal with this,” Biden continued. “He knows better. His instinct was to say ‘Yeah, we are going to do something about guns.’ What is he doing? This is disgraceful. Come on.”

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