Biden to AFL-CIO: Pandemic a ‘Chance’ to Empower Unions

Biden to AFL-CIO: Pandemic a ‘Chance’ to Empower Unions

April 7, 2020

In an address to the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO on Tuesday from his basement studio, Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden said the coronavirus pandemic is a “chance” to make the U.S. economy more pro-union.

“Once we break the infection curve and stem this public health crisis, we’re going to face an immense job of rebuilding this economy. We can’t just return to an unfair and unequal economy that’s stacked against American workers,” Biden said, adding that “the middle class was built by unions,” and unions will be the “driver” of success after the pandemic ends.

“We know what that needs to look like. This will be our chance to make it real… And above all,” he added, what that means is “more union members, more unions, more collective bargaining everywhere in America. In the private sector. In the public sector. In the federal government.”

This isn’t about strengthening the economy. True to the Democrat mantra “Never let a crisis go to waste,” Biden wants to seize the opportunity to empower unions as a crucial Democrat Party voting bloc.

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