Biden on Guns: ‘We Protect Geese More Than Our Kids’

Biden on Guns: ‘We Protect Geese More Than Our Kids’

November 11, 2019

Addressing gun control during a weekend campaign rally in Concord, New Hampshire, gaffe-prone presidential candidate Joe Biden stated that America protects geese better than it does schoolchildren.

CSPAN ran video of Biden saying, “We protect geese more than we protect… no joke, you can only have three shotgun shells when you go shooting for geese. We protect geese more than our kids,” he claimed nonsensically.

Biden also declared recently to an Everytown for Gun Safety crowd that guns should lock and unlock like smart phones: “The idea that we can’t control and don’t require people to have trigger locks on their guns, or more importantly…we have the capacity right now to make sure that no gun can be fired unless it has your biometric print on it.”

This last weekend, Biden also bizarrely claimed, “I believe in the Second Amendment, but nobody says you can have a magazine with 100 clips in it.” Realizing his blunder, he quickly corrected himself: “100 bullets in it.”

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