Biden May Skip Confrontation With Univision’s Jorge Ramos

Biden May Skip Confrontation With Univision’s Jorge Ramos

November 8, 2019

Breitbart News’ John Nolte argues that Joe Biden would rather skip California’s Democrat Party convention next week rather than face being put on the spot by Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos about immigrant deportations under Biden’s former boss Barack Obama.

“But the added layer of risk in getting onstage with Jorge Ramos, the immigration rights-crusading and moderator of a candidate forum at the convention, also played a role in the campaign’s discussions about skipping the largest single state gathering of Democrats,” states a Politico report quoted by Nolte.

Someone Politico describes as a “Democratic consultant familiar with the Biden campaign strategy” explained Biden’s avoidance this way: “It’s not that we’re scared. But we’re not stupid.”

“If Joe Biden is afraid of getting booed and knows he can’t handle Jorge Ramos,” Nolte concludes, “if he’s afraid of hostile voters and hostile open borders-advocates like Ramos, how will he handle North Korea or Russia or Syria… or Trump?”

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