Biden Laments Conditions for DREAMer First Responders

Biden Laments Conditions for DREAMer First Responders

April 2, 2020

Because the Democrats’ first concern is always the illegal aliens they groom to become future Dem voters, presidential hopeful Joe Biden said in a Facebook interview on Thursday that he is concerned about DREAMers serving as first responders amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“We knew what was coming,” Biden claimed. “We knew what was coming out of China,” he added, without pushback from the host. Apparently it’s only racist to say it came from China if you’re President Trump.

“I would have focused on the first responders. You know, there are thousands of DREAMers, right? Right now. Dreamers who are out there who are working as first responders working as nurses, working in these hospitals, risking their lives. I would have been much more aggressive in dealing with this. Like I said, 27,000 DREAMers are out there taking care of, uh, risking their lives taking care of people who are sick.”

Presumably the first responders who are actual American citizens don’t merit his concern.

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