Biden ‘Insulted’ Reporter Asked About Abrams Skipping Speech

Biden ‘Insulted’ Reporter Asked About Abrams Skipping Speech

January 12, 2022

Asked if he was “insulted” that voter fraud enthusiast Stacey Abrams was skipping his voting rights speech in Georgia on Tuesday, President Joe Biden told the reporter he was “insulted that you asked the question.”

“I spoke with Stacey this morning, we have a great relationship,” Biden claimed. “We got our scheduling mixed up. I talked with her at length this morning. We’re all on the same page and everything’s fine.”

At a rally in December 2020, Biden credited the power-mad activist for helping him (fraudulently) win the state of Georgia in the presidential election. “Stacey, if we had ten of you, we could rule the whole world. God love ya. You’re doing an incredible job.”

But failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Abrams, who never conceded losing in 2018 and is running again for governor in 2022, chose to distance herself from Biden’s speech this Tuesday condemning Georgia’s election integrity laws.

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