Biden: I Can Work with GOP Once Trump is ‘Out of the Way’

Biden: I Can Work with GOP Once Trump is ‘Out of the Way’

December 24, 2020

At a press conference on Tuesday, prematurely-declared President-Elect Joe Biden stated that, with President Trump “not in the way,” it would be easier for him to work with Republicans and would facilitate “getting things done.”

“I think with Donald Trump not in the way, that will also enhance the prospect of things getting done,” Biden declared, meaning that the GOP would be more amenable to bipartisanship without Trump at the helm. Tragically, Biden is correct about this.

“You have a different team in town,” Biden continued. “I’m not going to villainize the opposition, but I’m going to stand and say ‘This is what we’ve got to do.’” Well, it’s great to hear that the left is finally going to reach across the aisle and cease “villainizing” all of us deplorables, “chumps,” white supremacists, and Nazis on the right.

“They know me,” the doddering, empty-suit puppet of the radical left added. “They know I level with them. They know I never mislead. They know I tell them the truth, and they know I don’t go out of my way to try to embarrass.”

Yes, if there’s one thing Biden is known for, it’s telling people the truth.

Biden added that the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic would compel Democrats and Republicans to work together. “I think the dawn has broken on the vast majority of people,” he said.

Indeed, the dawn has broken for the majority of Americans, who have had their eyes opened by the pandemic and the stolen election about what Biden and his Party stand for: seizing power by any means necessary.

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