Biden Heckled: ‘Don’t Touch Kids, You Pervert!’

Biden Heckled: ‘Don’t Touch Kids, You Pervert!’

December 30, 2019

Floundering White House hopeful Joe Biden was hassled at a campaign rally in Milford, New Hampshire, over the weekend by hecklers who called him a “pervert” and challenged him about corruption allegations.

As reported by Breitbart News, shortly after Biden began speaking, he was interrupted by a man who shouted, “Don’t touch kids, you pervert,” referring to Biden’s well-documented and often-criticized habit of inappropriately grasping, hugging, and nuzzling women and young girls. “We don’t need another old, white man running for president,” the heckler added.

Moments later, a woman began chanting “Quid pro Joe,” a reference to Biden’s involvement in the Ukraine scandal. Another heckler raised allegations of corruption against Biden and son Hunter, who raked in up to $80K a month as a board member for a Ukrainian gas firm.

“This is not a Trump rally,” Biden complained. “This is a democracy.” Yes, it is, and that’s why you and your fellow Democrats have to learn to handle dissenting voices.

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