Biden Given Least Negative News Coverage of Any President in Last 30 Years

Biden Given Least Negative News Coverage of Any President in Last 30 Years

May 7, 2021

According to the Pew Research Center, President Joe Biden has received the least negative news coverage from the establishment media of any president in the last 30 years.

Biden received in his first 60 days 19% negative news coverage, ranking him the most favored of presidents in the last three decades, well below former Presidents Bill Clinton (28%), George W. Bush (28%), Barack Obama (20%), and Donald Trump (62%).

The study also revealed that Biden’s least-covered topic was his “political skills,” while his most-covered was the economy — the exact opposite of Trump’s coverage.

The study, which analyzed radio, websites, national newspaper websites, and cable and network broadcasts, determined the “Early news coverage of Biden and Trump presidencies differed in tone, topic, and framing.” No kidding. We’re shocked, shocked.

For example: the New York Times political page Thursday ran these headlines simultaneously: “Taking ‘Extraordinary Measures,’ Biden Backs Suspending Patents on Vaccines” and “Facebook Ban Hits Trump Where It Hurts: Messaging and Money.”

On the Washington Post political page, headlines simultaneously read: “Strongmen who got cozy with Trump get the cold shoulder from Biden” and “Live updates: Biden heading to Louisiana to highlight aging infrastructure as he presses Congress to act.”

CNN headlines simultaneously read: “Trump aides flood Senate and gubernatorial races as consultants and pollsters” and “Biden to criticize tax cuts for wealthy while pushing middle-class agenda in Louisiana.”

Why, it’s almost as if today’s political coverage is biased

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