Biden: ‘Cruelty’ is the GOP’s ‘Only Point’

Biden: ‘Cruelty’ is the GOP’s ‘Only Point’

August 30, 2019

Floundering presidential candidate Joe Biden told a campaign audience in Rock Hill, South Carolina that President Trump’s immigration officials are forcing sick kids out of hospital beds simply out of “cruelty.”

“Everyone from the ACLU to all the human right groups are trying to change what is happening,” Biden said. “They’re literally giving notice to these families that they’ve got to unplug their kids and get them out of hospitals and take them out of America…

“We’re three hundred million-plus people and the idea that we can’t tolerate saving the lives — or trying to help save the lives — of hundreds of children in deep need is just wrong. It is wrong. It has to stop,” he added. “Like so many others have said, cruelty is the point here. It is their only point. It’s all they have to run on — fear, anger, division, cruelty.”

This is hateful demagoguery. The Trump administration is doing its best to humanely control a border crisis that Democrats have encouraged and exploited to smear Trump and his supporters as cruel racists.


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