Biden Called Out For Exaggerating Crowd Size

Biden Called Out For Exaggerating Crowd Size

August 21, 2019

White House frontrunner candidate Joe Biden lashed out at a Fox News reporter in Iowa on Tuesday, after the journalist called him out for claiming to draw the largest crowds of any Democrat running for president.

“What I’m trying to do is go around from town to town. And I’m drawing as big of crowds, bigger than anybody,” the former vice president said. “Have you seen anybody draw bigger crowds than me here in this state?”

Biden was caught off guard when some in the crowd responded in the affirmative. One was Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, who told Biden he had seen larger crowds at events hosted by Biden’s competitor Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who is gaining ground on him in the polls.

“I mean, I know you, I know you’re going to go after me no matter what I’ve got,” Biden shot back moments later. “Yeah, you, and it’s okay. Good. I’m a big boy. I can handle it.”

Considering how touchy he is, Biden apparently can’t handle it. And considering his propensity for gaffes, he can’t afford to get complacent, either.




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