Biden: ‘Boy’ Trump ‘Knows I’ll Beat Him Like a Drum’

Biden: ‘Boy’ Trump ‘Knows I’ll Beat Him Like a Drum’

October 15, 2019

At the United Food and Commercial Workers Intl. Union’s presidential forum on Sunday, White House contender Joe Biden boasted that President Trump knows “I’ll beat him like a drum” in 2020.

“I may be the last guy that publicly called for impeachment, but I’m the only reason there is impeachment going on,” Biden claimed. “Our democracy is literally at stake. It’s not a joke,” he added, calling Trump’s team “the most corrupt administration in modern American history. Maybe ever.”

“The fact of the matter is that whether or not the Senate will impeach… there’s no option but to deal with this,” he added. “I think the boy knows that I’ll beat him like a drum if I get the nomination.”

On the contrary, it’s a sure bet that the “boy” Trump considers Biden no impediment whatsoever to a second term in the White House, even if the gaffe-prone Biden does win the Democrat nomination – which is looking increasingly unlikely.

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