Biden: Abrams Can Be President or ‘Anything She Wants to Be’

Biden: Abrams Can Be President or ‘Anything She Wants to Be’

April 30, 2021

Thursday during a drive-in rally in Duluth, Georgia, President Joe Biden praised voter fraud enthusiast and Georgia gubernatorial loser Stacey Abrams, saying she can be President someday.

“Stacey Abrams can be anything she wants to be, from whatever she chooses, to president,” Biden said, introducing her and a handful of Georgia Democrats.

“I want to thank you, Stacey, for empowering the people to vote and to make their voices heard, you’ve been amazing,” Biden continued. By “empowering the people to vote,” he means pushing to facilitate massive voter fraud, which is the only way Democrats can win elections now.

Abrams was once considered by Biden’s team as a possible running mate for the empty-suit candidate, but she turned him down. That has not stopped Biden from repeatedly singing Abrams’ praises in Georgia. “Stacey, if we had 10 of you, we could rule the whole world,” Biden said at a rally with Abrams in December. “God love you. You’re doing an incredible job.”

Abrams has made it clear publicly that she has presidential ambitions, and she certainly has what it takes to win: an entire Party behind her that is obsessed with seizing and holding power at all costs.

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