Bezos Gives $100 Million to Van Jones for ‘Courage and Civility’

Bezos Gives $100 Million to Van Jones for ‘Courage and Civility’

July 21, 2021

In a press conference Tuesday following his environmentally unfriendly, ten-minute ego-trip into space, world’s wealthiest Progressive Jeff Bezos announced he is giving away $100 million each to communist activist Van Jones and humanitarian José Andrés.

At the end of the press conference, Bezos said, “I have a little surprise for you. I am announcing today, a new philanthropic initiative… The Courage and Civility Award. It recognizes leaders who aim high, and who pursue solutions with courage, and who always do so with civility.”

He added that “we should question ideas, not the person… We need unifiers and not vilifiers. We want people who argue hard and act hard for what they truly believe.”

Jones is the first recipient of the $100 million award, designed to be given to charities of the recipients’ choice.

The notion that Van Jones is a unifier, not a vilifier, belies his lifelong evidence to the contrary. To cite just a few instances: Jones has claimed that conservatives have “cheap patriotism” and are willing to “kill” children for jobs. He called Trump’s 2020 presidential victory a “whitelash against a black president.” He called former Mike Pence the “mansplainer-in-chief” during his debate with his ragingly arrogant Vice Presidential opponent Kamala Harris. He has said policing is “dumb and dangerous and discriminatory.”

Jones is and always has been a communist whose aim, like Barack Obama‘s, is to “fundamentally transform” this country into something no one would ever recognize as America. And Bezos just gave him $100 million toward that goal.

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