Bernstein: U.S. Is in a ‘Civil War,’ GOP a ‘Secessionist Movement’

Bernstein: U.S. Is in a ‘Civil War,’ GOP a ‘Secessionist Movement’

October 1, 2021

Friday on CNN’s New Day, CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein claimed that former President Donald Trump helped transform the Republican Party into a “secessionist movement” causing a “civil war.”

“Democracy is in peril because the Republican Party has become the party of Trumpism and the party of disenfranchisement,” Bernstein said. “What we have seen in Idaho, what we have also seen in Arizona, in these supposed recounts ordered because of supposed voter fraud, is it doesn’t exist. It is part of the Big Lie. The Big Lie is not just about the lie that Donald Trump did not lose the election a few months ago, but rather it looks toward … 2024 and the idea that we are going to have another, quote, rigged election. They’re setting this up so that there can be no legitimacy in our electoral process.”

Every word, false. In fact, the Big Lie is the Democrat lie that there was no voter fraud in the election.

He added, “I think what we really need to acknowledge here is that we are in a civil war in this country. We are in a cultural civil war, such as we have never seen since 1860 to 1865.”

True, for once. Bernstein is right, but not because of “the radicalism of the Republican Party today,” but because the Democrat Party today is the party of neo-Marxist totalitarianism, greedy for absolute power. That’s the Party Bernstein helps craft a narrative full of lies in support of.

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