Bernstein: Trump ‘Fomenting Insurrection’ Should Terrify GOP

Bernstein: Trump ‘Fomenting Insurrection’ Should Terrify GOP

July 24, 2023

Friday on Anderson Cooper 360, CNN contributor Carl Bernstein said Republicans should be “terrified” of former President Trump being allowed to get away with “fomenting insurrection.”

Bernstein said, “He’s threatening his people are going to go into the streets and riot and hurt people, and this can be a great movement that is in his favor that can be violent. And the threat of violence is somehow going to help him in the court after etc. etc..”

What an absolute crock. Trump has threatened no such thing.

He continued, “Let’s just mention Mike Pence for one minute in his coup attempts. Listen to what Mike Pence was told by the president of the United States. To stop the certification of the duly elected electors to the electoral college meeting on January 6. That is indeed the president of the United States, clear as can be, telling the vice president to break the law. Let’s not have a lawful transfer of power.”

Bernstein added, “We have to look at the unprecedented nature of a president of the United States fomenting insurrection, the overthrow of legitimate government in this country. It never happened in the White House before. That’s what this is about. Republicans above all should be terrified of allowing this president to get away with it.”

More hysterical nonsense. There was no insurrection attempt. Bernstein, who hasn’t been relevant as a journalist since the 1970s, has been reduced to desperately fear-mongering propaganda.

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