Bernstein: GOP Has Become ‘Hostage to an Undemocratic, Seditious President’

Bernstein: GOP Has Become ‘Hostage to an Undemocratic, Seditious President’

February 11, 2021

Wednesday on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, political analyst Carl Bernstein slammed the GOP for supporting “evil” former President Trump, whom he smeared as “undemocratic” and “seditious.”

“This is unprecedented,” Bernstein said of Trump’s Senate impeachment trial. He’s right about that: this sham partisan process is an unprecedented embarrassment in the history of American politics.

“This is a seditious president of the United States who has undermined the very basis of our democracy, who does not care about loss of life,” Bernstein claimed falsely. “It’s the same president who was negligent in homicidal terms because of his handling of the COVID situation and not handling that in a way that would save American lives.”

Fact check: absolutely false, but par for the course for the lying Democrat operatives who call themselves journalists today.

“But let’s talk about one other thing. This event we witnessed today in these horrible videos is about the presence of evil. And the evil here is an evil president of the United States,” Bernstain ranted.

“What we know is that this Republican Party is in thrall to the evil of Donald Trump, including undermining the very basis of our democracy, the electoral system,” he added. “They have aped his words for months about a rigged election. They allowed this terrible undermining of the process to go forward up to the point of the day on January 6 some of them were still talking about that we needed to see if there was some kind of rigged election here. This is unprecedented. One of our political parties has become hostage to an undemocratic, seditious President of the United States and the evil that he has wrought, including with COVID as well. It’s all of a piece, and we need to look at it in terms of both the law, the facts and the moral dimension.”

Good luck with that, Carl. You hypocritical Democrats are incapable of looking at things in terms of the law, the facts, and the moral dimension.

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