Bernie Will ‘Reorder’ ‘Almost Every Part of American Life’

Bernie Will ‘Reorder’ ‘Almost Every Part of American Life’

August 31, 2019

Instead of scaling back on the political vision he pushed during the 2016 election season, Democrat 2020 contender Bernie Sanders has actually expanded upon it in his current campaign, offering plans that would greatly expand government and radically affect all Americans, according to Breitbart.

True to his communist roots, the self-proclaimed Democrat Socialist Sanders has not opted to target the bulk of “moderate” voters, but seems eager to win over the more radical youth vote, offering comprehensive plans designed to “reorder” completely the public and private sectors.

As the news site Axios notes, Sanders’ statist plans would “reorder or referee almost every part of American life,” from your energy choices, health insurance, and taxes to your house and car, kids’ college, and job wage.

“The total cost of just the programs listed above are $20 trillion-plus at the lowest possible end over a decade, excluding Medicare for All, which experts say could at least double the total,” Axios states.


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