Bernie Vows to ‘Fundamentally Change’ the Presidency

Bernie Vows to ‘Fundamentally Change’ the Presidency

October 16, 2019

2020 White House candidate and recent heart surgery patient Bernie Sanders tweeted on Wednesday that he promises to “fundamentally change the nature of the presidency” if elected, and to serve not only as commander-in-chief but as “organizer-in-chief.”

“When we win, we are going to fundamentally change the nature of the presidency,” Sanders wrote on Twitter. “I will not only be commander-in-chief, but organizer-in-chief. And we will take on the most powerful corporations and special interests.”

Sanders’ remark is ominous for anyone who remembers then-candidate Barack Obama‘s vow to “fundamentally transform” the United States if elected President. “Fundamentally” transforming something means changing its very essence, its basic building blocks.

For radicals like Obama and Sanders, that means deconstructing the greatest nation on earth and remolding it in the failed leftist vision that inevitably devolves into totalitarianism, economic collapse, and suffering and death on a mass scale.


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