Bernie: Stop ‘Racist and Ineffective’ Border Wall

Bernie: Stop ‘Racist and Ineffective’ Border Wall

November 8, 2019

White House hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders released his comprehensive immigration plan on Thursday, proposing to halt construction of the “racist and ineffective” border wall, to freeze deportations, and to extend entitlement benefits to illegal immigrants.

“We’re going to overturn everything Trump has done to demonize immigrants,” Sanders tweeted. He went on to promise to end family separation and reunify families, end ICE raids, put a moratorium on deportations, restore and expand DACA, and decriminalize and demilitarize the border.

He also called for an end to the construction of what he considers the “racist and ineffective wall on the U.S.-Mexico Border” and promised to empower sanctuary cities by ordering the Department of Justice to “drop any litigation or funding restrictions” relating to them.

Sanders’ open-borders scheme is a full-frontal assault on national security, law and order, and the sanctity of citizenship. It is designed to literally undermine the foundations of the United States as a sovereign nation.


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