Bernie: Dems Are Losing Working Class And Minority Voters to GOP

Bernie: Dems Are Losing Working Class And Minority Voters to GOP

August 28, 2023

Speaking Saturday at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) warned that Democrats risk losing the 2024 elections if the party continues to lose support among minority and working class voters.

“Frankly it is absolutely absurd that, given the anti-work ideology and policies of the Republican Party, that that party now has more working class support than Democrats,” Sanders said.

An April poll conducted by HarrisX found that 40% of working class Americans considered Republicans best represented their interests, compared to 36% who said the same of Democrats.

Lifelong communist Bernie added, “It should be deeply worrying that, according to recent polls, Democrats are losing support within the Latino communities and even among African American men. That has got to change, not just for the well-being of the Democratic Party, but for the future of our country.”

He continued, “The Democrats, once and for all, must reject the corporate wing of the party and empower those who will create a grassroots, multi-racial, generational, working-class party in every state of this country”:

Democrats, through words and action, must make clear that they stand with a struggling working class, a disappearing middle class, and millions of low-income Americans who today are barely surviving. They must make it clear that they are prepared to boldly take on the powerful corporate interests that have so much power in Washington and in state capitals across the country.

In my view, if Democrats are prepared to do that, they will win this election and win it comfortably. If not, frankly I am not sure what the election outcome will be. Or, for that matter, what the future of our country holds.

If Bernie thinks the Democrat Party is the party of the working class, then the 81-year-old is too senile to be in office.

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