Bernie Mocked for Claiming 48 Senators Should Overrule 52

Bernie Mocked for Claiming 48 Senators Should Overrule 52

October 4, 2021

Lifelong communist and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was mocked on Twitter Friday after tweeting that only two senators — rather than a majority of 52 — are blocking passage of the Democrats’ insane $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.

In his tweet, Sanders argued that “2 senators cannot be allowed to defeat what 48 senators and 210 House members want,” referring to intransigent Democrat senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. Sanders neglected to mention the 50 Republican senators who also refuse to support the radical spending package. Republican ridicule ensued online.

“Lol in other words: ‘how can we let this pesky democracy get in the way of our socialism!’” tweeted Rep. Dan Crenshaw. “But yeah you guys definitely aren’t power hungry tyrants or anything. Total right wing talking point.”

“Here go the socialists complaining about democracy again,” wrote Rep. Claudia Tenney.

“Actually, it’s me and 51 other Senators from both sides of the aisle standing in between you and your radical agenda,” wrote Sen. Marsha Blackburn. “I stand for FREEDOM.”

“But 52 Senators can defeat your Big Government Socialism,” wrote Sen. Bill Hagerty. “The American people won’t stand for another power grab from a vocal minority.”

“It’s actually 52 opposed. That’s called Democracy, which I know this socialist hates,” wrote RNC Co-Chair Tommy Hicks. “Democrats do not have a mandate to force this radical spending bill onto Americans.”

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