Bernie: Dems Have ‘Reasonable Chance’ to Retain Senate Control

Bernie: Dems Have ‘Reasonable Chance’ to Retain Senate Control

August 30, 2022

Sunday on ABC’s This Week, lifelong communist millionaire Sen. Bernie Sanders predicted that Democrats have a “reasonable chance” to retain control of the Senate in the upcoming midterm elections.

Asked how he is “feeling about the midterms right now,” Sanders replied, “Yeah, I think that what the Supreme Court did in saying to every woman in America, ‘You can’t control your own body; your state government will make a decision on this most personal matter of an abortion,’ I think that the American people are saying, ‘Excuse me, in America, in the year 2022, women will make that decision.’ And I think that decision is going to reverberate very poorly for Republicans who think that women do not have a right to control their own bodies.”

Fact check: abortion is not about a woman’s body; it’s about the body of the unborn child.

He added, “I think the gun violence that we have seen is also going to play a role. People understand whether you’re Democrats or Republicans, that we need common-sense gun safety legislation.”

Fact check: we already have commonsense gun safety legislation. Increasing gun control does not stop gun crime — but then, stopping gun crime is not the Democrat motive; disarming the law-abiding populace is.

“So I think there is a reasonable chance that Democrats will retain control over the Senate,” he continued. “I certainly hope we get more than 50 in the Senate, that we get at least 52, so we can start going forward and protecting working people in a way we have not been able to do up to now.”

Yeah, because instead of protecting working-class people, so far the Democrats have done nothing but saddle them with economy-busting inflation, record gas prices, debt transferred from students’ “forgiven” loans, and surging crime.

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