Bernie: ‘Congress Must Demand Mass Production’ of N95 Masks

Bernie: ‘Congress Must Demand Mass Production’ of N95 Masks

December 28, 2021

In a tweet on Sunday, lifelong communist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called upon Congress to demand the mass production of N95 masks to combat COVID-19, even though President Joe Biden has admitted there is “no federal solution” to the virus.

“As we face the rapidly spreading omicron variant, we should remember that not all face masks are created equal,” the perennially failed Democrat presidential candidate tweeted. “Congress must demand the mass production and distribution of N-95 masks, the most effective way to stop the spread of the Covid virus.”

In another tweet on Sunday, Bernie plugged Medicare for All: “This pandemic makes it clear how dysfunctional our healthcare system is. Not only do we pay the highest prices in the world, we can’t even produce the number of doctors and nurses that we desperately need,” he said. “Let us not give up the struggle for Medicare for All.”

The reason we lack the number of doctors and nurses we need is because countless medical professionals across the country either quit their jobs or were fired thanks to leftists like Sanders demanding that all healthcare workers receive the experimental anti-COVID vaccine.

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