Berlin Police Investigate Abbas’ Holocaust ‘Incitement to Hatred’

Berlin Police Investigate Abbas’ Holocaust ‘Incitement to Hatred’

August 19, 2022

Berlin police confirmed a report Friday by the German daily Bild that they have opened a preliminary investigation against Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas over his shocking comments this week that Israel had committed “50 Holocausts” against Palestinians.

The remarks, during a news conference in Berlin alongside German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, rightfully sparked outrage in Germany, Israel and beyond. A formal criminal complaint ensued, and now Abbas is being investigated for possible incitement to hatred.

Downplaying the Holocaust is a criminal offense in Germany, but the opening of an preliminary inquiry doesn’t automatically entail a full investigation.

Germany’s Foreign Ministry said that Abbas — as a representative of the Palestinian Authority — would enjoy immunity from prosecution because he was visiting the country in an official capacity.

Germany doesn’t recognize the Palestinian Territories as a sovereign state.

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