Ben & Jerry’s Blames Ukraine Conflict on ‘Masters of War’

Ben & Jerry’s Blames Ukraine Conflict on ‘Masters of War’

July 20, 2023

Ben Cohen, co-founder of the proudly political Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company, voiced his disdain for U.S. and NATO involvement in Ukraine in an interview with Politico published Thursday, blaming NATO expansionism and the “military-industrial-congressional complex” as aggravating factors in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“In the end, money won,” Cohen told Politico. “And today, not only are they providing weapons to all the new NATO countries, but they’re providing weapons to Ukraine.”

“I’m not supporting Russia, I’m not supporting Ukraine,” he added. “I’m supporting negotiations to end the war instead of providing more weapons to continue the war.”

Cohen, who grew up amid Cold War tensions and ill-fated U.S. involvement in Vietnam, attributes listening to the 1963 song “Masters of War” by singer-songwriter Bob Dylan as an awakening moment.

“That was kind of a revelation to me,” Cohen said. “I hadn’t understood that, you know, there were these masters of war – essentially I guess what we would now call the military-industrial-congressional complex – that profit from war.”

And the politicians most gung-ho about shoving us headlong into that Ukraine conflict are Cohen’s fellow left-wingers among the Biden administration.

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