Bell: White Supremacy Includes People Who Never Owned Slaves

Bell: White Supremacy Includes People Who Never Owned Slaves

July 21, 2020

Friday on CNN’s New Day, W. Kamau Bell, host of the network’s documentary series United Shades of America, stated that white supremacists included those in the United States who “never personally owned slaves.”

“I think a lot of people believe… white supremacy is just when a white person doesn’t like a black person, but that’s just prejudice,” Bell explained. “In America, white supremacy is a system that promotes whiteness — and white maleness specifically, and white Christian maleness specifically — over everyone else.”

“And so, we really want to talk about like it’s blockbusting, it’s red-lining, but it’s also just people who feel like they have no response for racism in this country because they never personally owned slaves. So… we have a list early in the episode that goes through the entire — not the entire thing, but multiple levels of white supremacy, so people understand it’s not just a feeling — it’s actually a measurable force in America.”

It’s actually not measurable, nor is it even a force in America. If anything is a currently racial force in America that confers privilege and power, it’s black supremacy.

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