Bell: Right Attacking Critical Race Theory as a ‘Distraction’

Bell: Right Attacking Critical Race Theory as a ‘Distraction’

June 7, 2021

Friday on CNN, race-mongering host Kamau Bell claimed falsely that “the right” was attacking Critical Race Theory as a “distraction” from their efforts to restrict “voting rights, especially for brown and black folks.”

Asked why “so many folks are uncomfortable talking about race in schools,” Bell replied, “Because they don’t want to know the truth. I think a lot of people — not in my household — are brought up in households where they are taught America was created by God and a perfect nation in every way. That’s not the truth. Also, let’s be clear the right is doing this as a distraction. This is no different than the war on Christmas or halal meat in New York street carts. This is just a distraction as a way to distract people from the things they are doing that are actually damaging us.”

Fact check: no American was ever raised to think America is perfect in every way, nor is Critical Race Theory simply about discussing race in schools. CRT is a racist ideology that falsely paints America’s history and essence as grounded in slavery and bigotry. That’s why “so many folds are uncomfortable” with it — because it is an evil, leftist lie.

Bell continued, “It is no accident that the governor of Georgia does not want to teach critical race theory but is also restricting voting rights, especially for brown and black folks. These are all the same thing. The distraction is critical race theory, and over here I’m going to restrict voting rights.”

Another fact check: the right is not suppressing voting rights, “especially for brown and black folks.” This is another evil, leftist lie. It is the left that is pushing this narrative as a “distraction” — from their own efforts to oppose voter integrity laws that will limit the fraud they need to win elections.

Kamau Bell is not an insightful political commentator. That’s not why CNN hired him. They hired him because he is a shameless, racist propagandist.

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