Belize Locals Block Construction of DiCaprio’s Luxury Resort

Belize Locals Block Construction of DiCaprio’s Luxury Resort

June 23, 2021

Breitbart News reports that jet-setting eco-hypocrite Leonardo DiCaprio has faced 16 years of protests from local residents and fishermen blocking construction of his planned luxury resort in Belize.

DiCaprio paid $1.75 million for one of the islands in the area in 2005, planning to construct a high-end, eco-friendly resort. He claims that the project has been created specifically to be the “greenest luxury development ever,” designed to protect the health and aquatic life on and around the island. He told the Belizean government that the resort would bring in $10 million in annual income and create up to 400 jobs.

It was supposed to have opened in 2018, but a constant stream of organized protests by the locals, including groups like Defend Blackadore Caye and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust, have prevented him from making any progress on the project. Activists argue that his project is invasive and will “destroy the fish breeding grounds” there.

“For DiCaprio to label this plan as environmentally conscious is just a sales pitch,” tour company operator Rebecca Arceo, adding, “He’s a complete hypocrite in my opinion. Fly fishing is a huge deal in Belize for the tourism industry. To call his plan green is totally disgusting.”

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